Environmental, community and social governance

Ventient Energy incorporates core ESG principles throughout its investment and asset management/operations processes.


At Ventient Energy we are very proud to have a positive impact in helping reduce carbon emissions. Onshore wind represents an efficient low cost method of renewable generation which can deliver benefits locally, nationally and internationally. It is one of the fastest growing sources of generation in the world.

In an average year our wind farms will offset 0.75 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent and we generate enough power to meet the annual needs of 420,000 average UK households.



Ventient Energy takes great pride in supporting the communities around our wind farm sites throughout the United Kingdom. In 2017 we anticipate distributing a total of £1,500,000 in community funding, typically administered and distributed to projects approved through local charitable trusts and community organisations.

Landowners who host our projects are key contributors to our success and we work closely with them to ensure each wind farm is built upon a strong mutually beneficial relationship.

We are a local employer wherever possible. Our Head office is in Scotland where 63% of our installed capacity is located. Our wind farm sites employ regionally based staff and contractors to maintain the project

Ventient Energy welcomes interest in our wind farms from local schools and community organisations. We have held a number of educational events on our sites to improve community understanding and engagement in renewable energy.


The Board of Directors of Ventient Energy is composed of expert professionals with a vast range of experience, including energy, finance, M&A, and governance. Collectively, they set high standards for the Company, its employees and officers, and aim to foster a culture of performance, transparency, and accountability.

The Board of Directors serves to advise and oversee the management of the Company and to assure that the appropriate business practices and procedures are being followed.

The Board of Directors follows the standards, values and procedures set forth in our Code of Ethics.