Marta Martínez

Independent Non-Executive Member of the Board

Marta Martínez is the CEO of Cero Generation, the Macquarie Solar platform in Europe, as well as a reputable non-executive director and senior advisor for several companies owned by different international infrastructure and private equity funds.

Behind her professional career, with experience in the consultancy, automotive, telecommunications and energy sectors, there is an entrepreneurial mindset, being co-founder of a telecommunications company called Comunitel in 1998 (currently part of Vodafone), as well as co-founder (in 2007) and CEO (from 2012) of T-Solar: an international renewable energy company focused on the development, financing, management and operation of solar generation facilities.

Specialised in establishing, developing, and financing projects and in M&A transactions, she was responsible for the internationalisation process at T-Solar, opening new business in 6 countries. She covered the CEO role during the entry and exit of the U.S. infrastructure investment fund I Squared Capital in T-Solar, achieving a well-recognised value creation.

She has developed a valuable capability to align teams to work efficiently together, as well as to identify opportunities and transform them in real profitable projects.

Certified by the Spanish Board Directors Association (IC-A) in ‘Good Corporate Governance’ and successfully completing the programme of ‘Digital Transformation’ by The Valley, Marta has a Bachelor’s Honours degree in Business Administration and is certified by IESE in programmes of leadership and Board of Directors.

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