Our vision, mission and values

Our Vision

Our vision is to generate renewable energy to secure the future of people and the planet.

Everything we do is designed to maximise the efficiency of our wind energy assets. Generating the world’s cleanest energy is beneficial for the future of all society and the planet. For us, it also means creating value for our own people and generating returns for our shareholders; the people who invest in the pension fund that supports us.


We want to achieve sustainable growth based on acquisition and operational excellence, delivered by a teamwork culture that allows our people and communities to safely innovate and thrive.

That means carefully adding assets to our portfolio before allowing our operational teams to do what they do best and manage them safely and efficiently.

Teamwork is the key to achieve our mission which requires a strong collaborative approach where everyone works in concert. Teamwork allows us to listen, to be flexible, innovative, always prepared and open-minded. That’s what enables our people and communities to thrive no matter the challenges.


As a business, we value people and teamwork, empowering our staff in an inclusive environment built on respect, integrity and trust. We promote a high performance culture, delivering best-in-class excellence in everything we do. We also believe in innovation, constantly searching for new ways to improve our approach to renewable energy to protect the environment. Most of all, we value safety – it’s paramount throughout our business.