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Team  |  June 28, 2019

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Our gallant team of Ventient colleagues - Stuart Hastie (Control Centre Manager), Marcus McGinley (Technical Manager) and Tony Crombie (Regional Asset Manager) – are now on their bikes and cycling their way from Lands End to John O’Groats.

They will be completing the mammoth challenge over a period of 10 days with a target to raise £20,000 for 3 very worthy charities:

  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Scottish Charity Air Ambulance
  • Scottish Association for Mental Health

Please follow their progress via the map below and support their efforts by making a donation:

Progress Map

Updates from the team

Updates from the team are shown below with the most recent first.

Job done made it ?

3:38pm 08/07/2019

Final wind farm done - Causeymire

1:38pm 08/07/2019

Last lunch stop of the trip

12:21pm 08/07/2019

Final day. Final push, hoping for some wind on our backs to take us through to the finish.

Golspie to John O Groats via Causeymire Wind farm.

Thanks to everyone for their support.

8:25am 08/07/2019

Day 9 ? Aviemore to Golspie. One final leg tomorrow and this time tomorrow we'll be finished!

6:13pm 07/07/2019

Day 9 Aviemore to Golspie. Final leg now 85 miles and then last day tomorrow

2:59pm 07/07/2019

Day 8 done, made it to Aviemore 88 very tough miles. 2 days to go.

6:21pm 06/07/2019

Pitlochry for a pit stop

12:23pm 06/07/2019

Day 8, 90 miles to do today from Perth to Aviemore

12:21pm 06/07/2019

Day 7 done, 97 miles. Moffat to Perth via Glenkerie wind farm and the Edinburgh office where we had a great reception from everyone there.

Thanks to everyone for the continued support.

6:30pm 05/07/2019

Day 7? Moffat to Perth today via Edinburgh. Joined by colleagues Ursula for the morning and Alan for the adtetnoon.

Looking forward to calling in at the office in Edinburgh and seeing all our loyal fan base, and more importantly lunch.

8:35am 05/07/2019

Day 6 done. Rest day at 72miles.

Good to back in Scotland as well, a major milestone.

Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing everyone at HQ.

4:25pm 04/07/2019

Day 6 underway, a rest day today only 70 odd miles.

Support vehicle duties change from Clayton who has done a great job over to Ricardo at Carlisle.

Be back in Scotland this afternoon.

Thanks to all our colleauges, friends, families and sponsors for all your continuous support.

9:02am 04/07/2019

Day 5 done. 97 miles with a 10mile 1400ft climb at the end.
Now half way through the ride in days and distance ????

7:01pm 03/07/2019

Just landed in Lancaster for a late lunch

2:28pm 03/07/2019

Day 5 underway shortly, destination Penrith. Just under 100 miles today give or take.

8:42am 03/07/2019

Day 4 done. Hereford to somewhere near Widnes / Warrington. 106 miles longest day of the trip.

Thanks to Kev who leaves us tomorrow after riding with us for the last two days.

Lake District tomorrow

7:55pm 02/07/2019

Flying along this morning despite a wind at us.

Shrewsbury for lunch

1:22pm 02/07/2019

Day 4 over 100 miles to do today from Hereford up to Widnes, our support for the last few days Simon leaves us today after doing an excellent job, and Clayton will be with us to Carlisle

8:21am 02/07/2019

Day 3 completed Bridgewater to Hereford. 82 miles completed 4700ft of climbing

Hereford is famous for at least 3 things. Not sure which one we want most right now:

A)Hereford cattle - could eat a whole one
B)Cider - could drink a lot of it
C)The SAS - could do with them shooting me

6:02pm 01/07/2019

Made it to Wales for lunch!

1:53pm 01/07/2019

Day 3 Bridgewater to Hereford 88 miles hopefully a little less climbing.

3 of us now become 5, with another Ventient colleague Kev Dodd joining us for the next two days and Dan from our silver sponsor EDF joining us today

8:21am 01/07/2019

Day 2 completed 87 miles 7000 feet of climbing

7:16pm 30/06/2019

Day 2, 86 miles planned with 5500 feet of climbing. Next stop Bridgewater

8:46am 30/06/2019

Day 1 completed

95 miles and 7550 feet of climbing time for some well earned beers and food

7:41pm 29/06/2019

First wind farm ? arrived at Bears Down

2:54pm 29/06/2019

Day one Lands End to Launceston 86miles and 5800ft of climbing

8:43am 29/06/2019

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