Ventient Energy Appoints Carlos Guinand as Chairman

Business  |  December 10, 2021

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Ventient Energy is delighted to announce the appointment of Carlos Guinand as non-executive Chairman of its Board of Directors.

Carlos will officially join the company on January 1st 2022, completing 2021’s successions planning and taking over from Andrew Lee.

“Management and Board-alike recognise and deeply appreciate the leading light Andrew has been as Chairman in Ventient’s significant evolution since 2019. From 0.7GW in one country to 2.6GW across six, pursuing a sustainable and values-driven approach to our growth and stakeholder relations, Ventient has matured and today is recognised by the industry as a leading non-utility onshore wind group that has committed through sector ESG leadership to long term sustainable growth and innovation. We give heartfelt thanks to Andrew and we look forward to benefiting from working with Carlos as incoming Chairman, helping to deliver in the future on our long-term commitment to provide green energy for the future of people and the planet.”

Said Ventient Energy CEO, Mark Jones.

Carlos brings a wealth of experience as a Chairman and a renewable energy innovator.

Ventient Energy CEO, Mark Jones continued:

“Carlos is one of the founders of Ventient’s sister company and solar champion, Sonnedix. His leadership and oversight have been deeply instrumental alongside management team in creating Sonnedix’s global success over 12 years.

His passionate, innovative and values-driven approach helped the company move successfully through a series of major growth and transition chapters in both creating the company it is today and visioning its future steps.”

He will continue in his role with Sonnedix as Executive Chairman.

About Ventient Energy

Ventient Energy is a pan-European, non-utility generator of renewable energy. It currently owns and operates onshore wind farms in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, with a total installed capacity of 2.6GW.

Ventient’s portfolio has grown quickly since its formation in 2017. The business focuses on sustainable growth that provides long term returns to their pension fund shareholders and generates renewable energy to help secure the future of people and the planet.

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Ventient Energy
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