Five Star Result from GRESB Audit

We are delighted to announce that Ventient Energy received a five star result from our GRESB Audit this year. GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) are the benchmarking organisation that assesses the sustainability performance of real estate and infrastructure portfolios and assets worldwide.


This year we received an overall GRESB score of 92/100, which ranked Ventient Energy:

  • 2nd overall in Europe (from 173 entrants)
  • 1st in Global Renewable Power Generation (from 63 entrants)

There has been a huge amount of work by everyone in Ventient Energy throughout the year in order to get us this great result! This demonstrates strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values within Ventient Energy as we continue to grow.


This year, Ventient Energy received the GRESB Infrastructure Sector Leader status for Renewable Power Generation – Wind.

About ventient energy

Ventient Energy is one of the largest generators of onshore wind energy in Europe, with 1.9GW of installed capactiy across 103 onshore wind farms.