Climate Change Impact & Awareness

Our overriding goal is to generate renewable energy to secure the future of people and the planet.

We are taking action against climate change in everything that we do. That’s why the recognition from GRESB in Outstanding Leadership in Sustainability is so important to us. From expanding our onshore wind portfolio and leading the sector, designing innovative PPAs and bespoke solutions for managing the performance of our assets and their impact on the environment, to taking part in an expedition to the Antarctic to educate our teams on the impact of climate change, we are spearheading our industry and leading by example.

Our commitment to building a sustainable future also encompasses driving awareness of the need for transitioning to renewable energy resources among all our stakeholders.

Our responsibility to the planet includes a responsibility of our teams including employees, stakeholders or suppliers. From the use of an electric car fleet to banning single use plastic in our workplaces, to the supply of electricity from renewable resources for our assets across Europe, our commitment is total. It’s the Ventient Way to Be.

To the ends of the Earth

We took on the ultimate adventure to help tackle the world’s biggest challenge.

As a renewable energy company, Ventient has always been about protecting the environment. Climate change is a reality that cannot be ignored. To help raise awareness on this urgent matter we are committed to educate ourselves and our stakeholders. This is why in 2022 we joined an expedition to Antarctica to witness the dramatic consequences of the rise of global temperature.

Ventient supported the 2041 Foundation, led by polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan OBE. Its mission is to engage businesses on climate science, personal leadership and sustainability to preserve the world’s last wilderness, Antarctica.

In March 2022 two Ventient colleagues together with former CEO Mark Jones, joined Robert and his team on a 12-day expedition through the South Pole, experiencing the effects of climate change in the natural environment most threatened by them.

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Our Carbon Emission Targets

If the world is to avert the worst effects of climate change, every business needs to take real, measurable action to cut carbon emissions. At Ventient we’re taking a lead by setting targets grounded in climate science.

In 2020 we started our journey towards net zero by calculating our carbon footprint based on the 2019 benchmark year.

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Every drop counts

We’re making water go further on our sites. Since 2019 we’ve been trialling a filter system, allowing us to collect rainwater and make it drinkable. Besides cutting water consumption, this will improve our impact on CO2 emissions, by minimising road delivery of drinking water.

The trial phase has now been successfully completed. The latest risk assessment in the summer of 2021 has shown that the water is safe to drink with the addition of some common water-cleaning measures typically applied in the water supply.

We are now working to implement the system across the suitable assets of our European portfolio.

Going with the Flow

Our aim is to be a good neighbour not just to people who live near our sites but to the incredibly diverse variety of wildlife that shares our planet. While wind energy is a beacon of hope as humanity transitions from its reliance on carbon-based fuels, it’s also clear from a recently concluded fifteen-year environmental study at our Causeymire wind farm that the turbines required to harness the wind can comfortably co-exist in an environment that positively encourages biodiversity.

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