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Ardrossan Wind Farm is an impressive sight, sitting high above the town of Ardrossan on the Ayrshire coast. The site is noted for its very favourable wind resources and has historically produced a capacity of around 36%.

Installed Capacity


No. of turbines


Turbine type

Vestas V80

Hub height


Expected P50 energy yield


Annual house-hold power equivalent

23,846 homes*

Applications to extend the operational life of Ardrossan Wind Farm

Ventient Energy has submitted two planning applications to extend the two planning consents for Ardrossan Wind Farm by an additional ten years. Ardrossan Wind Farm comprises 15 wind turbines each rated at 2 MW with an overall site capacity of 30 MW. Twelve wind turbines began commercial operations in August 2004 and the wind farm was extended with the addition of three further wind turbines in 2009.

What are the applications?

The existing planning consents for the wind farm are due to expire in September 2031 and November 2035 however technical assessment across many of Ventient’s sites, including at Ardrossan Wind Farm has demonstrated wind farms can continue to operate safely and efficiently beyond their originally anticipated lifespan. Therefore, Ventient Energy wishes to secure planning consent to operate the wind farm for a longer period of time.

Extending the operational life of Ardrossan Wind Farm presents a significant opportunity to continue to generate enough clean electricity to supply around 23,846 homes* every year, contribute to the energy transition for a cleaner and healthier future for everyone, and support the wellbeing of local communities through the wind farm’s Community Benefit Fund.

The community benefit package would continue throughout the proposed extended period of operation. The current community benefit fund amount for 2023 is £2,015 / installed MW, which will continue to track inflation under the current community benefit agreement, until 2031. The fund would then be increased by 25 % for the extension period.

The operation of the wind farm involves the work of a number of technicians. In addition, contractors involved in operation and maintenance activities use local accommodation and retail facilities when visiting the wind farm.

What are the next steps?

North Ayrshire will now undertake a consultation exercise in respect of the applications before issuing decisions.

This webpage will be kept up to date with any new information about the applications.

How can I find out more information?

The FAQ document issued to West Kilbride Community Council, Ardrossan Community Development Trust, Ardrossan Community Association and ward councillors prior to the submission of the planning applications can be downloaded here:

Ardrossan Wind Farm Life Extension – FAQ (150KiB – Adobe PDF)

Any questions relating to the life extension application should be directed to

The 15 turbines at Ardrossan Wind Farm were actually built nearby at a facility in Argyll which was owned at the time by Vestas. The wind farm began commercial operations in August 2004, was extended in 2009, and was purchased from Scottish & Southern Energy in May 2010.

Ardrossan’s 15 turbines are rated at 2MW giving the wind farm an installed capacity of 30MW. It can generate enough energy to power 23,846 homes*.

Benefiting local communities

Ardrossan Wind Farm’s community benefit fund supports projects proposed by community groups in and around the towns of Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston as well as applications from groups from the island of Arran.

Any questions relating to this wind farm should be directed to:

*Based on the Installed Capacity x Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) "all wind" load factor expressed as a fraction of 1^ x number of hours in a year (8,760 hours) / Average Annual Domestic Electricity Consumption (MWh)^^

^BEIS's long-term average load factor for "all wind" (31.84%) expressed as a fraction of 1 (0.3184). Source for capacity factors is Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics (DUKES) published annually by BEIS.

^^Annual GB Average Domestic Consumption Values from BEIS (3,509kWh).

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