Beinn Ghlas

United Kingdom

Beinn Ghlas Wind Farm is situated amongst the hills of the Barguillean Estate near Taynuilt in Argyll.

Installed Capacity


No. of turbines


Turbine type

Bonus B44/600

Hub height


Blade length


Expected P50 energy yield


Annual house-hold power equivalent

4,447 homes*

The site’s 14 turbines sit within a 300 hectare area of rough grazing land and began commercial operations in May 1999.

The 14 Siemens Bonus turbines are rated at 600kW giving the wind farm an installed capacity of 8.4MW – which is enough capacity to power 4,447 homes*.

Beinn Ghlas Wind Farm Repowering

Ventient Energy is exploring the potential for repowering Beinn Ghlas wind farm.

Repowering involves replacing older wind turbines with more powerful and efficient turbine models.

The current operational wind farm has the potential to operate safely and efficiently for significantly longer than was originally intended, as set out in the recent life extension application. Once the current turbines have reached the end of their operational life, Ventient would like to have the option to continue to operate a wind farm in this location.

The maximum number of turbines would be 18 with a maximum tip height of 180m. Further survey work and the outcome of consultations will influence the final proposed number of turbines, their scale and layout. It is anticipated a repowered project would have an installed capacity of greater than 50 MW.

A scoping request has been submitted to The Energy Consents Unit to seek feedback from consultees on the scope of the planning application.

In addition to the formal consultation which will be undertaken by The Energy Consents Unit, Ventient will hold public exhibitions to present and discuss the potential repowering project, details of which will be published in due course. Ventient will also engage with the community councils and elected representatives in the area.

Ventient encourages anyone with questions or comments to raise them using the email address:

*Based on an average energy yield and assumed annual household usage of 4,115 kWh per year^ = 4,447 homes.

^Typical Domestic Consumption Values from Ofgem. Electricity: Profile Class 2 Medium 4.2MWh

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