Glenkerie wind farm is located 5km north-west of the picturesque village of Tweedsmuir, near the town of Biggar in Scotland’s Southern Uplands.

The wind farm is situated on a hill farm that’s predominantly used for sheep-grazing, rough pasture and heather moorland. Site elevation varies between 230m to 530m above sea level. The wind farm’s 11 turbines, each rated at 2MW, took 18 months to build and the site has an installed capacity of 22MW and generates enough energy to power 15,456 homes*.

Benefiting local communities

Glenkerie’s community fund benefits communities located within a 15 km radius of the wind farm, which includes the Upper Tweed Community Council area. Although priority is given to applications from communities within 10 km of the wind farm (which includes Tweedsmuir, Broughton, Drumelzier and Coulter) other communities within the 15k radius are eligible to apply including Stobo, Biggar, Symington, Roberton, Lamington, Wiston and Skirling.

Although the Fund is held and administered by Foundation Scotland, the allocation of grants is decided by a local panel composed of Upper Tweed Community Councillors and other individuals with local knowledge and interests.

Recent projects supported by the fund include the development of a technology suite for use by both Broughton Primary School and the wider community; the installation of energy saving measures at Biggar Museum, including photo voltaic panels on its roof and insulation for its external store rooms.

Biggar After School Care Club also benefited from support to increase staff numbers, pay for staff training, cover the costs of sessional workers and purchase equipment and materials.

Ricardo Rocha Headshot

Ricardo Rocha

Asset Manager

Vital Statistics

  • Installed capacity: 22MW
  • Number of turbines: 11
  • Turbine type: Vestas V80, 2000kW
  • Hub height: 60m and 80m
  • Blade length: 39m
  • Expected P50 energy yield: 63.6GWh
  • Annual house-hold power equivalent: 15,456 homes*

*Based on an average energy yield and assumed annual household usage of 4,115 kWh per year^ = 15,456 homes.

^Typical Domestic Consumption Values from Ofgem. Electricity: Profile Class 2 Medium 4.2MWh