Llyn Alaw

Llyn Alaw (which means Lily Lake in English) is a reservoir near the town of Amlwch on the island of Anglesey.

The reservoir was created by the flooding of marshlands in 1966 and it supplies 35 million litres of water a day to the northern half of the island. Llyn Alaw Wind Farm is situated to the north of the small village of Llanbabo which is close to the reservoir’s eastern shore.

Construction work on Llyn Alaw Wind Farm began in 1996 and it opened in October 1997. The site, which was originally developed by West Coast Energy, has 44 turbines rated at 600kW, giving the wind farm an installed capacity of 20.4MW and the ability to generate enough energy to power 11,324 homes*.

Kevin Thompson

Regional Asset Manager

Vital Statistics

  • Installed capacity: 20.4MW
  • Number of turbines: 34
  • Turbine type: Bonus B44/600
  • Expected P50 energy yield: 46.6GWh
  • Annual house-hold power equivalent: 11,324 homes*

*Based on an average energy yield and assumed annual household usage of 4,115 kWh per year^ = 11,324 homes.

^Typical Domestic Consumption Values from Ofgem. Electricity: Profile Class 2 Medium 4.2MWh