Taff Ely

United Kingdom

Taff Ely Wind Farm is one of the first generation of wind farms to be built in the UK.

Installed Capacity


No. of turbines


Turbine type

Vestas / Nordtank NTK450 (450kW)

Hub height


Blade length


Expected P50 energy yield


Annual house-hold power equivalent

7,154 homes*

It’s located near Bridgend in South Wales, approximately 2km south of the village of Black Mill and 3km west of Tonyrefail. It was constructed in 1993 and was originally owned by Eastern Electric. It was then purchased by National Wind Power in 1998.

The turbines were manufactured by Nordtank Energy AS who were taken over by NEG Micon who then maintained the site until RWE npower renewables took it over in 1999. Taff Ely became part of the Beaufort Wind portfolio in 2004 which, in turn, became part of Ventient Energy.

Taff Ely’s 20 turbines are rated at 450kW, giving the site an installed capacity of 9MW which has the potential to supply 7,154 homes* with electricity.

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*Based on the Installed Capacity x Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) "all wind" load factor expressed as a fraction of 1^ x number of hours in a year (8,760 hours) / Average Annual Domestic Electricity Consumption (MWh)^^

^BEIS's long-term average load factor for "all wind" (31.84%) expressed as a fraction of 1 (0.3184). Source for capacity factors is Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics (DUKES) published annually by BEIS.

^^Annual GB Average Domestic Consumption Values from BEIS (3,509kWh).

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