Data and IT Services Manager

About the Company

Ventient Energy Ltd, one of the UK’s largest generator of onshore wind energy, and the largest non-utility owner of onshore wind. With 34 wind farms located from Caithness to Cornwall, comprising 509 turbines and 690MW of installed capacity, Ventient Energy supplies the equivalent of 420,000 homes annually, offsetting 0.75 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent a year. The company was formed by combining the Zephyr portfolio of 15 wind farms with 19 wind farms that were formerly owned by Infinis, with the entire portfolio of wind farms now owned by institutional investors advised by JP Morgan Asset Management. The company Headquarters are in Edinburgh where most of its staff are located. Staff who support our wind farm assets are located throughout the UK in regions within close proximity to the wind farms. Current headcount is approximately 40 people.

Role Profile
  • Position Title: Data and IT Services Manager
  • Reporting To: Technical Director
  • Department: Technical
  • Key Contacts: Internal Stakeholders
  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Direct Reports: Lead IT Engineer
  • Role Type: Permanent
  • Work Pattern: Full Time – Monday to Friday
Role Purpose:

This role is responsible for the delivery and management of all data and IT services for Ventient Energy covering all wind farms, office-based and remote workers. The role will ensure databases are developed, maintained, optimised, managed and secured to support the operation and growth of the business. IT infrastructure and services across the whole business and the introduction and optimisation of new technologies to protect the data assets of the business are core to this role.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Understand and map out user requirements and conceptual design Ventient data and develop and/or configure databases to deliver data to end users in accordance with requirements
  • Ensure systems and data bases are available, secure and appropriate accesses/permissions are in place for users
  • Streamline database interfaces and compatibility to maximise efficiency and minimise complexity and refine the logical design so that data can be translated or customised into specific models
  • Employ analytics technologies and data visualisation tools to optimise data, reporting on trends and inform decision making.
  • Ensure network and IT infrastructure is in place to meet current and future needs of the business and complies with security and data regulations
  • Deploy a fit for purpose database management system
  • Ensure documentation is in place and maintained for all IT/Data Infrastructure, systems and services including metadata, standards and procedures
  • Responsible for business continuity planning and disaster recovery plan for all Ventient IT and Data services
  • communicate regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security
  • commission and install new applications and customise existing applications to ensure they are fit for purpose
  • Seek to optimise and streamline IT function, ensuring up to date technology is available and deployed to increase automation
  • Responsible for all office based MS Office systems and end-user equipment


  • Responsible for the IT budget for the whole organisation
  • In conjunction with the procurement department, specify and assess contracts and warranties for all IT services and solutions


  • Manage and develop the IT team
  • Ensure end-users are equipped with the systems, and hardware to deliver their objectives
  • Ensure all new employees are trained and competent on Ventient IT systems and procedures, specifically IT security
  • Communication with all staff on IT and database systems requirements and updates
  • Provision of IT services for remote workers
Skills and Preferred Experience:
  • Cloud services, such as Azure
  • Knowledge of SCADA systems
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL Server
  • Knowledge of Database Management Systems, Tuning, Analysis, Maintenance and Performance, Integration Services
  • Working knowledge of the components of technical
  • Experience of working within a commercial environment as a database developer/administrator
Company Values:
  • Safety
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Delivery
How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email with your CV.

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