We are facilitating and supporting education in the renewables sector and investing in the education of our team and communities to raise awareness on climate change.

Continued learning is part of our culture; it allows us to remain open-minded and recognise that valuable perspectives and ideas could come from many sources. That’s why we believe that education is the engine of progress and the basic ground for equity and inclusion. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with our stakeholders and the wider public to encourage the transition to renewable energy resources and help people understand the role of wind power in the fight against climate change. We believe that our thought leadership, as a renewable energy organisation, is essential to prompt more businesses and individuals to take care of our planet for the benefit of every one of us.

Let the children play!

Play time is more fun than ever at Grayrigg CE Primary in Carlisle thanks to Ventient’s UK Community Funding Scheme. The school, which is near Ventient’s Lambrigg Wind Farm asked the Fund to support its Loose Parts Play initiative – a novel approach to play which uses lots of everyday objects to encourage creativity and boost social and problem-solving skills.

Play is more important than ever following the pandemic where children have missed out on vital social contact. Loose parts play encourages team building, collaboration, sharing and taking turns and the Fund’s donation has bought a wide range of resources that will support all the children in the school.


The Globe Community Library in Stokesley, North Yorkshire provides an important service in the local area and supports the communities of Stokesley. Ventient’s UK Community Benefit Funding Scheme, on behalf of Seamer Wind Farm, donated funds to the service in June 2021 that went towards the provision of reading material, audio and IT resources and training, as well as the provision of teaching and learning facilities for the wider community.

The library also offers a number of other vital services including a Citizens Advice Bureau, research on the history of the local area, hot desk and meeting space and storytelling for children.

Ventient Asset Manager at Seamer Wind Farm said: “The provision of resources that are accessible to all members of the community and of all ages is key. We were delighted to be able to work with the library to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to access material within it and as part of its teaching and learning programme. It provides an important resource to the local community that everyone can use and enjoy.”

We are joining an ESG Seminar live from COP26

We are delighted to take part in RSK’s COP26 event, “Greening the Blue Chips”.

The event focuses on “how we can finalise the Paris rulebook and cut emissions in line with 1.5°C while protecting and restoring the natural resources on which humanity, and businesses, depend.”

Our Head of Legal & ESG, Anna Cameron, will participate in a panel discussion with peers from different sectors to bring insights on sustainability strategies and practices that can successfully assist corporations in leading the UK’s transition to net zero.

The panel will be hosted by journalist Caroline Frost, welcoming contributions from:
Dr Julia Baker, Biodiversity Technical Specialist, Balfour Beatty
Ian Heasman, Director of Sustainability, Taylor Wimpey
Frankie Phillips, Founder, The Rubbish Fashion Company & TOBEFRANK
Ian McAulay, CEO of Southern Water

You can see the agenda HERE.

We believe that sharing experience is crucial to support and deepen the collective knowledge necessary to make a real difference in the race against climate change. We are committed to raising awareness on the climate issue and participating in the dialogue with stakeholders, peers and communities whenever possible.

The event will take place on the 10th of November from 10am to 4.30pm – you can follow a live stream by registering HERE.

The best of Scottish innovation

Ventient has two projects in the running for prestigious green awards.

Every year the Scottish Green Energy Awards recognises the best of the country’s renewable energy industry.

Our Environmental study at Causeymire wind farm in Caithness is up for the Sustainable Development Award. The 15-year environmental study has provided a unique insight into the environmental impact of the project. It shows big improvements in bog conditions and breeding bird habitats, and improved heather and sphagnum moss cover across the site.

Our collaboration with Anakata Wind Power is nominated for the Best Innovation Award. Anakata worked with us to upgrade our wind turbine aerodynamics, improving performance and maximising energy production. The Oxford-based company uses advanced techniques based on Formula One technology.

We’ve been shortlisted!

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Making spirits soar

We’re proud to support Portugal’s biggest nature event.

Every autumn, thousands of birds fly over the Algarve, on their way to their winter homes in Africa. It’s a spectacular sight and a huge draw for nature lovers, inspiring the annual Sagres birdwatching festival (Festival de Observação de Aves & Atividades Natureza de Sagres).

The festival offers a full range of nature experiences and environmental education activities in the stunning natural backdrop of The Algarve. Birdwatchers flock to this beautiful region to join tours, hikes and education sessions. We’re based in the local community, through our wind farm in the Vila do Bispo municipality, so we’re delighted to be supporting the activities of this unique and valuable event.

Causes we champion

For 2021 we’ve chosen five brilliant charities across Europe whose work chimes with our values.

People in many isolated rural communities in developing countries still lack the essentials. Energía sin Fronteras does critical work to fulfil the human right of access to safe and sustainable energy, water and sanitation. As an NGO created by professionals in the energy sector, it’s an organisation and a cause close to our hearts.

Inspiring the next generation about the world around them is the aim of ASPEA, the Portuguese Association of Environmental Education. Its activities include field trips and teaching resources for young people, as well as teacher training on environmental topics.

NaturFreunde is a long-established German group focused on environmental protection and activism, ecotourism, sport and culture. Ventient is supporting the group’s leisure, outdoor and environmental education activities.

We’re also proud to support Lightyear Foundation in its amazing work: breaking down barriers to enable disabled children to discover science, technology, engineering and maths subjects.


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