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The way to be

Ventient exists to achieve one overriding goal. We aim to generate renewable energy and secure the future of people and the planet. To enable this our purpose goes wider and deeper. We also strive to be a positive force to the communities we work in, and to society in general.

We aim to maintain an open and transparent relationship with all of our stakeholders, and we encourage our communities to reach out to us whenever they need to.

We believe that our business can and should be done sustainably by ensuring best in class performance while taking care of the environment and the people.

Our approach to sustainability focuses on four key areas. Every day, in everything we do, these areas come together to create the Ventient Way to Be.

The Ventient Way


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Inclusive Leadership

Supporting the wellbeing of our communities and stakeholders by creating an inclusive leadership environment that is underpinned by the implementation of our DEI and Business Strategy.

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Climate Change Impact & Awareness

Continuing our role as strong advocates for combatting climate change through education, business practices and publicising the steps that we are taking.

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Business Performance & Innovation

Investing in advancement of the onshore wind sector through the development of new technologies, solutions and research for our business, partnering and collaborating with peers and suppliers.

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Promote and Support Educational Initiatives

Facilitating and supporting education in the renewables sector through access to and profit from our wind assets.

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International recognition

Ventient Energy has been recognised in the 2022 GRESB Infrastructure Assessment as Sector Leader in the categories of Renewable Power and Wind Power Generation, achieving Sector Leader status for the fourth time.

This year also sees the company achieve a score of 100 in the GRESB ratings, ranking 1st overall for all 3 categories: GRESB Score, Management Score and Performance Score, and receiving a 5-star GRESB rating.

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This report describes our annual sustainability journey and our efforts to be a positive force in our communities and in society. The report reflects our sector-leading position recognised by our independently-validated GRESB score since 2018.

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People are key to our success and we foster a high-performing, team focused way of thinking.