Innovation is one of the anchors of our values.

It ensures that we don’t stand still and allows us to partner and collaborate with peers and suppliers. This means we are constantly looking to improve our performance by thinking outside of the box and challenging traditional ways to approach every aspect of our business.

The drive to ensure high business performance gives the whole of the Ventient team the freedom to be innovative. People are empowered to come up with new ideas, and solutions bringing in their different backgrounds and experiences in different sectors and adding new dynamic perspectives to the business contributing to our sustainable growth. Because of our structure and the way in which we work we take a nimble and agile approach to developing partnerships and collaborating with our stakeholders to ensure mutual benefit and be a truly engaged and trusted partner. It’s the Ventient Way to Be.

Do you know how we look after our wind farms?


Repowering the wind farm


Best In Class Performance Management

The 15/Five Project

Performance management at Ventient was historically paper based, administration heavy, and did not support our people – let’s be honest it was not effective. But as Ventient grew exponentially so was the need for a more sophisticated programme that could ultimately be the main driver in creating and fostering high performance and empowering our people to take control of their performance, development, and careers.

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Best In Class Finance

The ERP System

Ventient’s finance department plays a fundamental role within the business, informing the decision-making process for the execution of the company’s strategy. They provide best in class finance service to support Ventient’s short and long-term strategic objectives, offer commercial advice and challenge, whilst maintaining a strong compliance focus and managing transaction costs.

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Thinking outside the box

Engineering expertise and stakeholder collaboration

Steven Heath

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Learn about an innovative partnership to improve the performance of wind turbine blades.

A chat with…

A series of conversations with our management team to explore more about the Ventient Way, how we do things and our future aspirations.

Pablo Andres

Chief Financial Officer

We caught up with Pablo to discuss the financial perspective of the company successful growth and what is the Ventient Way.


As a large private company with entities across continental Europe, we have chosen to align our governance practices with The X Principles of Corporate Governance of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (the LSE Principles).

  1. The Company shall adopt a clear and transparent corporate governance framework for which it shall provide adequate disclosure. Read more…

  1. The board shall be responsible for the management of the Company. As a collective body, it shall act in the corporate interest, and shall serve the Shareholder by ensuring the long-term success of the Company. They shall consider corporate social responsibility aspects and shall take into account the interests of all stakeholders in their deliberations. The Board shall regularly evaluate the way in which it operates and its relations with the management. Read more…
  1. The Board shall be composed of competent, honest, and qualified persons. The choice of those persons shall take account of the specific features of the company. The Board shall establish the special committees necessary for the proper execution of its remit. Read more…
  1. The Company shall establish a formal procedure for the appointment of members of the Board. Read more…
  1. The directors must exercise the mandate with integrity and commitment. Each shall represent the Shareholder, and shall make decisions in the Company’s interest, and independently of any conflict of interest. Read more…
  1. The Board shall set up a body responsible for the effective executive management of its business. It shall clearly define the assignments and duties of the ELT and shall delegate to it the powers required for the proper discharge thereof. Read more…
  1. The Company shall establish a fair remuneration policy for its directors and the ELT that is compatible with the long-term interests of the company. Read more…
  1. The Board shall establish strict rules designed to protect the company’s interests in the areas of financial reporting, internal control and risk management. Read more…
  1. The Company shall define its corporate social responsibility policy with respect, including to it those responsibilities related to social and environmental aspects. It shall set out the measures taken for its implementation of that policy and shall provide for these to be adequately published. Read more…
  1. The Company shall respect the rights of its shareholders and shall ensure that they receive equal treatment. The Company shall define a policy of active communication with its shareholders and shall establish a related structured set of practices. Read more…

Through our Whistleblowing procedure, Ventient Energy maintains a reporting hotline to report suspected unethical, illegal or unsafe behaviour. The reporting hotline can be accessed at


Ventient Energy’s group companies comply with standards equivalent to those set out in the policies.

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