Harriet Kelly

Q. Why did you decide to send your application to join the Antarctica expedition in 2022?

A. I both love an adventure, and am passionate about increasing awareness of the Climate Emergency so it seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Q. Why climate change is important to you?

A. Climate change should be important to everyone – we are already seeing the effects of global warming in our weather systems, which puts our entire existence at stake.

The science community has been warning of the Climate Emergency for decades, and the general public, major corporations and politicians have all been slow to act, allowing the planet to heat up, causing catastrophic weather events. We need to act now to stop the planet’s tipping points being reached, yet there is still inertia in the general population, and mass opposition to a lot of green initiatives.

Q. How do you feel about being selected to join the expedition?

A. Very excited! I can’t wait to get to Antarctica to experience life on the boat, and to start planning ways for Ventient to extend its reach on climate issues.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about this opportunity?.

A. I love that Ventient is putting the climate at the front of the agenda and showing the importance of the issue.

Q. What do you expect to get from this experience?

A. I’m already mindful of my own impact on the environment, and try to limit it where I can, but am conscious that my efforts are futile on their own, so I hope to learn how to influence others to join us.

Q. What’s the thing you are looking forward to the most about the expedition?

A. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people and being pushed out of my comfort zone!

Q. How do you feel about coming back and help others to understand climate change and its consequences?

A. It’s a big responsibility, and I hope that I can convey the importance to others, but excited to have an opportunity to speak out about the Climate Emergency.

Q. What you would like to say to you trip’s companions (Harriet/Mark/ Diogo) before the departure?

A. Just that I am excited to join them on the adventure!


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