We’re building a business that’s diverse, equitable and inclusive.

We’re committed to making Ventient an inclusive company, where people of all backgrounds and experiences can thrive and fulfil their ambitions. To track our progress, we’ve launched an annual employee survey.

The results of the first study in 2021 were generally positive.

83% of employees feel included and respected in Ventient. 91% feel a sense of belonging in the company, agreeing that they are comfortable being themselves at work and feel recognised for their accomplishments.

Our aim is to keep building a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.

The survey allowed us to identify priorities for improvement actions which we’re going to implement, including wider career development opportunities and a more inclusive recruitment process.

What colleagues say about Ventient

  • 83% of employees feel included and respected
  • 86% would recommend Ventient as a place to work
  • 89% know how to report concerns and feel that Ventient would take the right action

Gender balance

  • 35% of our employees are female
  • That compares to 5% across engineering as a whole
  • We’ve set a target of 40% female hires across the company in 2021

A polyglot and multicultural workforce

  • 11 different languages are spoken fluently by our employees
  • The top 3 are:
    English 52%
    Portuguese 35%
    Spanish 13%


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