Davina Khulpateea

Q. How long have you been at Ventient for?

A. As a contractor from Oct 2018 and permanent from Jan 2019.

Q. Davina, in your time at Ventient what achievement are you most proud of?

A. I am proud of working for a company who gives back to the community in the form of locally funded initiatives and that donates to charities across Europe who do great work.

Q. What do you think is the best thing about working at Ventient?

A. The people. I truly enjoy working with people who are approachable and willing to support your needs and help you achieve your goals. The company is growing and evolving and so too are the staff and we have a strong emphasis on culture which makes for a better working environment. Due to the company growing there are opportunities to try new solutions and improve and evolve processes which is a great platform for learning and development.

Q. What do you think about Ventient culture and the company’s support for people development and wellbeing?

A. The culture is open, approachable and collaborative. The company is still learning and so if you make a mistake it is a learning opportunity and we should embrace that. The company offers a very good wellbeing programme. They employ trust, transparency and flexibility which enables me to have a work life balance. During Covid the benefits offered were not just directed to staff but to family members as well.

I have used the EAP which has really been useful, where I have access to professional services via my work but is completely confidential. I have also enjoyed having access to the Headspace App.

The support that the company provides is great and I have been fortunate to have changed roles during my time at Ventient. I spoke to my line manager about what I wanted to do with my role and the greater team decided that I could move into a new role. Part of that process was also making sure I had the support structure and additional training I needed to do this. I found that everyone I spoke to was open to my suggestion of changing roles and discussed openly and honestly what the potential change could be. It was very much a two way process. I have a clear set objectives which allows me to work towards my goals and part of that objective setting is to look at my long term aspirations. I have been able to attend various online courses and have been given access to LinkedIn learning. I have also been enrolled on a Project Management training course which will help me with my future goals.

Thanks for sharing, Davina!


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