Tiago Silva

Q. How long have you been at Ventient for?

A. I started working with the Ventient team managing the transition stage in the last trimester of 2020. But I actually started working for Iberwind at the beginning of 2007.

Q. Tiago, in your time at Ventient what achievement are you most proud of?

A. During my time at Ventient I’m proud of being part of several projects e.g. (i) availability calculation uniformisation (ii) EDPR WTG visibility (iii) Historical and current operational data gathering. But if I had to single out one achievement, I would select the meeting held with both the CEO and COO in our Portuguese office. It was an open discussion on the past, present and future of the company with an unmeasurable impact on me (and hopefully on them too).

Q. What do you think is the best thing about working at Ventient?

A. Working together with all different areas/geographies/cultures of the business, extracting the best of each other, setting us and the company up for success.

Q. What do you think about Ventient culture and the company’s support for people development and wellbeing?

A. I’m hoping to improve on this answer as I build this relationship in the coming years, but for now I would say that it is based on two main pillars: raising awareness of climate change while delivering/improving business performance and innovation. I think both wellbeing and support is at the heart of the culture with a focus on several mind and body wellbeing initiatives. People are empowered to perform their roles in the way/place/timing that best suits them.

Thanks for sharing, Tiago!


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